At Dee for Dentist, we are all about tradition. Apparently our latest tradition is going to a delicious steak house for our anniversary Christmas party. This year we took the crew to Del Frisco’s Steak House. If you’ve never been here, you’re missing out. It’s Mike’s favorite restaurant and we’ve been trying for the last couple years to have our party there but it was never available. This year we booked in early September just to be sure.

With the addition of Jo, Rowena, and Dr. Browner to the Dee for Dentist family, we actually needed a private room for our party. Having the room to ourselves made the evening so much more fun. We kicked things off with our Secret Santa which is always a blast. After that came the feast. For appetizers there was jumbo shrimps, crab cakes, stone crab, and salad. Next came the steaks which were unbelievable. I think there was one server assigned for every 2 of us whenever food was brought out so it was crazy how many people walked in the room when food was being served. After the steaks and side dishes, I thought there would be no more room for dessert but my team did not disappoint.

In all it was a great night. This party is one of the things Mike & I look forward to every year. Thank you to our team for being so amazing. I hope you all enjoyed the evening as much as we did.