I was feeling kind of bummed that our 2014 Q4 Fills Good contest didn’t receive a single submission. Seriously Vegas?!? We are giving away $1500 no-strings-attached and not one local non-profit could spare 5 minutes to tell us about how their organization helps children in Southern Nevada? Well at Dee for Dentist we turn lemons into lemonade. We took that $1500 over to Walmart and bought 35 bikes for the 2014 KLUC Toy Drive. FedEx pulled up in a huge truck last week and dropped them off and we’ve been waiting to make Santa’s delivery.

If you’re not familiar with the KLUC Toy Drive, here’s the skinny. Chet Buchanan, the DJ for the Morning Zoo radio program on 98.5FM, lives in a tent on top of a 30 foot scaffold for 12 days and gets people to donate bikes, gift cards, and money to HELP of Southern Nevada. Chet has weathered sun, rain, sleet, and snow for the last 16 years and raised millions of dollars and thousands of bikes for homeless children in Southern Nevada.

On Day 6 of Toy Drive, we got up bright and early, loaded these bikes and made our way to the West Side. We got to meet Chet, Spence, Lauren, and Juicy of the Morning Zoo team and even got a little airtime. What a great experience for our team as our donation pushed the total number of donated bikes over 800! Maybe we’ll make this an annual tradition…

Just wanted to send a quick shoutout to Juan from KLUC & Ally’s husband Lonn for helping us move all these bikes. Thank you for your help. You guys are the best!