I can’t believe how fast the holidays came this year! I’m sure that most of you already know about our Fills Good program where we raise $1500 per quarter to donate to local charities and organizations by setting aside a portion of what we collect for the fillings that we do at Dee for Dentist. That means none of the over $15,000.00 we’ve donated so far would be possible without the help of all our wonderful patients. So on behalf of all of you this holiday season, it was our honor and pleasure to be able to donate 35 bikes to the 2015 KLUC Toy Drive.

Since October, Mike has been scrounging the internet for deals on bikes and managed to get his hands on 35. They’ve been arriving over the last couple weeks but yesterday Mike got them all loaded into a van and off we went. Because we happened to be working this day, Jo, Mike, & I were the only ones available to represent for the Dee for Dentist team so we decided to bring the kids along. What a blast for them and a wonderful teaching moment about the spirit of giving.

This year as a bonus to the bikes we donated, inside one of those bikes we hid a gift certificate for $1000 worth of dental treatment. Hopefully the person that gets the bike redeems it and we can share some more amazing stories with you. Thank you again to all of you who support Dee for Dentist, and though you may not like the prospect of getting a filling, know that when you do, you are also helping people all around Southern Nevada!