For the 2016 holiday party, we decided to forego the traditional fancy schmancy dinner for the hustle and bustle of the newly opened Dave & Busters. With a pesky stomach bug going around, it was up in the air if everyone was going to make it, but it all worked out in the end. The evening started off with the annual gift exchange which didn’t disappoint. Rowena was on vacation and unable to join us but she was with us in spirit. Food and drinks were great, and we actually managed to stay under budget this year! The games were surprisingly exhausting but a ton of fun. My personal favorite was the 4-way air hockey table. That thing was vicious, luckily I only suffered a broken nail. As always, Jo was the big winner getting a bunch of stuffed animals from the crane game. I still have no idea how everyone managed to rack up so many tickets cuz Mike and I ended the night with only 200. In all it was a great night and a much needed break