It’s that time of year again and as usual Dee for Dentist is slammed, as I’m sure most dental offices are with people trying to use up their remaining insurance benefits before the year ends. As has become tradition at Dee for Dentist, the team assembled once again to donate bikes to the 2016 KLUC Toy Drive. It only took 3 years for Mike to learn his lesson and start getting bikes early. He’s been scouring the web for months to try and get as many bikes as we could with the $1500 Fills Good budget. This year netted us 40 bikes!

Figures the weather on Friday would be the coldest of the year so far. But high winds and low temperatures didn’t phase us. The team gathered over at NV Energy to make the donation. Chet Buchanan, the Morning Zoo team, and everyone else from KLUC and HELP of Southern Nevada were awesome. They helped unload bikes and took time to chat with us. This has become an event that we look forward to every year and and now also a family tradition with our kids. This year, while we were on the radio talking with Chet, we got cut off by Adam Sandler who called in as a surprise guest. While we would normally consider this rude, Adam did make a $10k donation to Toy Drive so I guess we’ll let it slide this time. ;-p

It’s only day 7 of the 2016 KLUC Toy Drive so there’s still time to make it over and drop of a little something. Thanks again to all the people who helped make this happen including our patients who by getting their much needed fillings allowed us to raise the funds to purchase these bikes!

For more information on our Fills Good program, click this link!