This past weekend our office had the privilege of hearing Mr. Imtiaz Manji speak at the Spear Education campus in Scottsdale, Arizona. He is a gifted communicator that talked about everything from managing a dental practice to living life with purpose. Throughout his lecture, Imtiaz kept referring to his wife who he lost to cancer 8 years ago and how she motivated him to dream big and live each day to the fullest. Most of what he said can be summed up by those little inspirational pics that everyone posts to Facebook, but being there with my team made me realize just how fortunate I am to be working with people I love, people who are the best at what they do and people that make me look forward to coming to work each day.

I’d like to think that I’ve never taken my team for granted but the way Imtiaz broke down each team members’ responsibilities, I felt the need to stop and take a minute to acknowledge each person that makes Dee for Dentist work.

    • Suzanne – You are the face and voice of Dee for Dentist.  For most patients you are the first person they get to meet and you do an amazing job of setting a high expectation of our practice.  You keep the schedule organized and show the insurance companies who’s boss.  You are a constant source of laughter and energy.  Thank you.
    • Allyson – You’ve practically been here since we started and Dee for Dentist would not be where it is today without you.  You give 110% everyday and as Inventory Princess you do a great job of managing the supply budget. Also, I love how appalled you get when you see how much a box of gloves cost. Thank you.
    • Michelle – We weren’t even looking for an assistant when we brought you on but we knew we had to get you before someone else did.  Your thirst for knowledge and work ethic is unparalleled.  How you manage 2 jobs and school is beyond me, but you have more than what it takes to become an outstanding hygienist. Thank you.
    • Kristen – When we were looking to bring on a hygienist we were so worried about how the patients would feel, how you would blend in with the team and if our treatment philosophies would cause problems.  All that worry was for nothing.  The patients love you and among the team it feels like you’ve been here from the beginning. I can’t even imagine how I managed these last few years without you.  You are an excellent clinician with a big heart. Thank you.
    • Mike – Without you, Dee for Dentist wouldn’t even exist. From physically fixing things that break, to running the office and letting me focus on the patients, you are what keeps this whole crazy train moving. You encourage me when I’m hard on myself and always push me to do better.  Thank you.

Wanting to end with something fun, I saw this video of a woman quitting her job in epic fashion.  She is obviously talented at what she does and it’s a shame her boss didn’t recognize her value.  Although this video was funny, I hope I never get one of these in my lifetime.