A couple week ago Mike and Suzanne were in Boca Raton to attend the 2016 American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) conference. Unfortunately, Mike had to skip out on the last half of the conference to serve as best man for our friend’s wedding in Miami. Apparently right after Mike headed off to Miami, the team from AADOM was going to surprise him at the general session with the first ever Frontier Award for his work and contributions to the AADOM online forums. Although he missed the formal presentation, the award just arrived in the mail and I couldn’t be prouder.

To give a little background, with over 10,000 members nationwide, the American Association of Dental Office Managers is the largest educational and networking association dedicated to serving dental practice management professionals. 2 years ago, Mike won a scholarship from Patterson Dental for his accomplishments at Dee for Dentist to attend that years conference in San Diego. As soon as Mike got back, he jumped head first in working with AADOM. The following year he became a lifetime member of AADOM, and currently serves as founder and President of one of the first local AADOM study club chapters. As President of the Southern Nevada Dental Office Manager Study Club, Mike organizes quarterly meetings for dental office managers from all over Southern Nevada for education and career advancement. In addition to that, Mike serves as a contributing writer for The Observer, AADOM’s print publication, as well as a key opinion leader for dental front office, and starting next month, both Mike and Suzanne will be pursuing their Fellowship in dental office management!

Suzanne & Mike at the 2016 AADOM Conference in Boca Raton

Prior to all of these accomplishments, what first lured Mike into AADOM was their online Forum. The Forum is basically an online bulletin board where AADOM members can post questions or concerns in hopes of getting answers and feedback from members all across the country. It’s a great resource for office managers to get quick answers, share ideas, and for moral support. At the time Mike joined AADOM, the Forum was in flux with new member growth, and changes in it’s design and function. Through all this, Mike remained an ardent supporter of the platform, encouraging discussion and debate.

There are no points or rewards for participating in the Forum. I know Mike’s main intention in contributing is to help colleagues avoid some of the problems that we faced over the years as well as learning from his peers. So it was a huge surprise when Mike received the award and a letter from Heather Colicchio, Founder & President of AADOM, informing him that the Frontier Award was created specially for him as a Thank You for his contributions to the platform.

At Dee for Dentist, everyone strives to do their best because it’s who we are. We don’t do things for awards and recognition, but it is still a great feeling for our hard work to be recognized. So congratulations to my husband and the best Office Manager in the universe! Back off ladies, he’s mine!

2016 AADOM Frontier Award