To the benefit of our patients, our office manager is a bit of a germaphobe which means that our sterilization procedures go above and beyond what is recommended by the CDC and OSHA.  Should you have any concerns about our sterilization protocols, just ask and we’d be happy to give you a tour of our facility.

Las Vegas dentist chooses Birex to sterilize treatment rooms

Between patients, the entire treatment room including chairs, keyboards, remote controls, cords, drawer and sink handles, lead aprons, etc. are wiped down twice with two different disinfectant solutions followed by a disinfectant spray to get any surfaces that might have been missed.


Henderson dentist uses sterilized instrument pack


All instruments are sterilized before they even enter a treatment area.  The process starts by placing the instruments in a disinfecting ultrasonic bath to remove any microscopic debris.  Instruments are then packaged and placed into an autoclave that reaches 450 degrees killing all possible viruses and bacteria.  The sealed packages are then logged, dated and labeled with an expiration date.  Should the package pass the expiration date without being used, the instruments are removed and start the sterilization process again.

Cosmetic dentist in Las Vegas uses latex gloves in treatment rooms


All staff members wear masks, safety glasses and gloves to treat every patient.  Should a staff member leave the treatment room, they are required to use a new pair of gloves when they return.  Patients are also offered the use of eye protection for their safety.


Henderson family dentist is certified by the American Heart Association

All staff members are required to be certified by the American Heart Association for Basic Life Support (CPR & AED) training.  In being proactive, staff members regularly attend safety certification courses on topics such as hazard communication, radiation safety and bloodborne pathogens.