As some of you already know, we have this cool suction called an “Isolite“.  It’s a device that combines an LED light,  suction, and bite block that keeps the mouth open and dry while Doc does her procedures.  Doc said that when they first saw the Isolite at a dental show, the demonstrators poured a bottle of water down the patient’s mouth.  Being curious and having a little free time, Kathleen & I decided to put this to the test.  It took 3 tries because Kathleen kept missing and pouring water all over my face (next time you get to be in the chair Kathleen), but finally on the 3rd try we got it right.  Amazing!  All the water was suctioned up, I was perfectly comfortable and didn’t feel any water get passed the Isolite.  Doc said when they opened they just had one, but since we then, we’ve been able to install one in every room.  Now I know why.