Recently we had a woman call the office asking for pricing on dental implants. When it comes to quoting prices over the phone, we try and avoid it mainly because we haven’t had the opportunity to diagnose what the actual problem is. From our experience, what a person tells us on the phone rarely corresponds to what we find when we actually get a chance to look in their mouth. That being said, if you paint us into a corner asking for pricing, we’ll usually quote you the highest price for that service because we have no idea what’s going on in your mouth and we don’t want you to be surprised when you come in. If anything, we’d rather surprise you at the appointment by letting you know the price is actually less than what was initially quoted.

Back to the story. When we told the woman what we charge for our implant package she was blown away. According to her, what we were charging was “highway robbery” compared to some of the other places she had called. As you’d expect, she left us a 1 star Yelp review complaining about us without ever stepping foot in our office. As the day went on we noticed she continued to post more bad Yelp reviews about other dental offices and the fees they were charging. Then all of sudden, she took down her review. We can only assume that after all her calling she realized that our pricing was more the norm across the Valley, and the cheaper quote she was speaking of was the weird one.

People often price shop dental services like they price shop groceries, when in reality it should be more like price shopping for cars. In essence, all cars serve the same function, they get you from point A to point B. However, anyone can tell you that there is a huge difference between a Mercedes Benz sedan and a Ford sedan. Merecedes Benz is known for customer service, precision, innovation, safety, reliability, and luxury. The same qualities should be involved when you are comparing dental services. For example, if you’re price shopping implants, here are some good questions to ask:

  • What brand implant are you using?
  • Does the implant carry a warranty?
  • Will you be using a digital 3D scan to plan the surgery or a 2D x-ray?
  • Will you be using a surgical guide to place the implant or placing it free hand?
  • How much time do you set aside for my appointment?
  • What other services are included in the fee or do you charge a la carte?

Before people start getting upset about my comparing Ford to Mercedes Benz, the point of all of this isn’t to say one is better than the other. All we’re trying to say is that when you are comparing things, whether it’s dental services or cars, make sure you are making an informed “apples to apples” comparison.

p.s. If you happen to be the woman that called, please allow us another opportunity to show you what Dee for Dentist is all about.