So yesterday we got a visit from our latest Fills Good winner Azul Blue. We’ve been looking forward to their visit all week because we knew they were coming with a group of people. Love, love, love seeing the people who our donation touches. Not only did they come with the nicest group of kids, but one of them even gave us a hand made Thank You card that is already hanging up in our break room!

Azul Blue is a great local organization that not only raises awareness for autism, but also provides guidance to parents on how to help their children reach their full potential. This was a well deserved victory for Azul Blue. They were neck and neck with the competition all the way to the last minute, winning by only 5 votes. Definitely one of our most exciting contests to date. A big congratulations to all the other groups out there. If you have a chance, please click the links below to learn more about these amazing groups that are doing so much for autism in Southern Nevada.

The vote tally for this quarter was as follows: