About 2 weeks ago we had a new patient that was referred to us wanting to make an appointment.  As most of you know we require a full set of X-rays to establish a new patient to Dee for Dentist.  Unfortunately, this person had recently taken a full set earlier this year and her insurance only covered one set every 3 years.  As always, we contacted the patient and rescheduled them to give us more time to get her records sent over from her previous dentist to try and save her some money.  For the last 2 weeks we sent 2 requests to her previous dentist and did not get any response.  We attempted to call the patient before their appointment yesterday to let them know but were unsuccessful.  When the patient arrived yesterday we explained the situation and said that she would have a better chance of getting her records than us so she called the dentist right then and there.  We weren’t intentionally listening but the volume on her phone was loud enough that we could hear the person on the other end say,

Yeah, we got the request twice but we don’t use other people’s releases and we don’t send it to other people’s emails.

Fair enough, they are not obligated to accept our release form but they could have called to let us know. Then the patient asked if she could come by and pick up her records and the response was,

Yeah, you could come in but you’ll need to fill out one of our forms and we’re just going to give you a xerox copy which probably won’t work so you’ll just have to take new x-rays anyway.

Unbelievable!  After the call, the patient looked over to us and said, “and that’s why I’m not going back there.” I wonder if the woman on the phone thought that her bad attitude and holding a patient’s records hostage would somehow make that person come back.  The sadder part is the patient said that the doctor was actually very nice, the only problem was the front desk.

I really can’t say it enough.  My team rocks!