This past weekend I decided to fight the crazy crowds and go out on Black Friday. Actually, it was Thanksgiving night. After dinner we ventured out to Wal-Mart to try to get a new TV. The sale started at 6 PM so we went at about 5:45. The parking lot was packed! There were so many people I thought there was no way we would be able to find anything. Trying to squeeze into any space you could find without getting hit by people and carts was tricky. After looking around for a while we finally found what we were looking for. Surprisingly there was no one around and checking out was surprisingly easy. They gave us a ticket for the TV so we wouldn’t have to lug it all around the store, which was a nice touch, and they had a designated area outside where you pick up your purchases so you didn’t have to wait in the crowded store. We were out of there by 6:30, which was a lot earlier than I expected. Thankfully the overall experience wasn’t as bad as the stories I heard and not nearly as bad as all the videos I’ve seen on YouTube, like this one: