Congratulations to Cancer Train on winning the $1500.00 2014 Q3 Fills Good donation from Dee for Dentist. For those of you who don’t know, here’s a little bit about Cancer Train from their website:

A cancer diagnosis is typically accompanied by a leave of absence from work, leading to little or no means of getting by. There are many local cancer patients who deal with financial stress in addition to the plethora of emotions that is coupled with cancer. We raise money to help pay for bills, surgeries, doctor visits, and  day-to-day essentials that you and I don‘t even think twice about.

We don’t send your donations to larger organizations or spend it on unnecessary “stuff”. Every cent goes directly to local Las Vegas cancer patients in treatment who need a little help getting by. Our bank account will never be huge, that would mean we weren’t doing our job!

These are exactly the kind of organizations that we love to support in Southern Nevada. Congratulations again and we hope this small donation can be put to great use to help those affected by this terrible disease.

The vote tally for this quarter was as follows:

Thank you to all those that participated and voted. For more information about the organization above, please click the links to be directed to their websites. A new Fills Good promotion is starting next week, so check back for more information.