For our lunch break Mike & I went over to check out Chill Orthodontics, a new ortho practice that opened nearby on Silverado Ranch and Bermuda.  Dr. Charles Hill (get it? C Hill), was my team leader and one of my mentors at UNLV Dental School.  After I graduated in 2007, Dr. Hill decided to go back to school and pursue a career in orthodontics.

Like Dee for Dentist, Chill Orthodontics is a family-run business.  His wife Rosie runs the front office while Dr. Hill handles the back.  The office was built from scratch and it’s gorgeous.  The space is comfortable and extremely clean.  It’s an open design so you can see everything that is going on.  If you like the look of our practice, you’ll love theirs.

Congratulations to Dr. Hill and Rosie. Welcome to the neighborhood!