Dental burs, or what you might refer to as drill bits, come in all different shapes, sizes and grits for different applications.  Because the new materials used today to restore teeth are becoming stronger and stronger, we have to use special diamond coated burs to cut through them. As we were preparing to reorder burs, we noticed that the brand we order actually uses natural De Beers® diamonds!

An interesting fact about De Beers® is that at one point the company’s virtual monopoly had a 90% market share of the world’s diamonds. Today their share has dropped to around 40% but even that is amazing.

As I Googled information about the company, I ran across this interesting article from that credits De Beers with the worldwide cultural linking of diamonds to romance. Apparently, before 1930, engagement rings were not common in wedding tradition. De Beers changed all that with their “A Diamond is Forever” advertising campaign.  Definitely check out this article if you have some time.