I can’t believe Dee for Dentist is already 2 years old!  Time really does fly and I know that Thanksgiving has already passed but we, Mike & I, just wanted to take a moment to acknowledge some of the things we are most thankful for.

Over the past 11 months we’ve treated nearly 300 new patients.  I’m not sure if you knew, but outside of a very small ad we place in the Thai newspaper, we don’t do any external advertising/marketing.  Almost all of these new patients were invited to our practice by our existing patients!  With that being said, Thank You very much to all of you who continue to value the work that we do and spread the word about Dee for Dentist!!!

This year we are also thankful for the 3 new members we have added to the Dee for Dentist family; Suzanne, Kristen & Michelle.  If you asked me when we opened this place 2 years ago if I thought we would have 6 full-time people working here I’d have said not a chance.  In our initial 5-year plan we had projected bringing on a hygienist in year 4.  Kristen joined us after only 18 months!  Suzanne has done an amazing job revitalizing the front and Michelle has been a huge help taking over sterilization. I also want to send a thank you to Allyson who helped us get through that very rough patch earlier in the year when she was the only other person  working here.  You guys are fantastic and I really cannot say enough about you.

Not only did we add more team members this year, but we also introduced CEREC & CAD/CAM technology at Dee for Dentist.  The ability to do crowns and bridges in a single visit has been something that our patients can’t stop talking about.  Along with CEREC came the new state-of-the art sterilization center that we Mike designed and actually helped build.  It literally quadrupled the volume of what we are able to sterilize in a single cycle.

Finally, we are thankful for the opportunities that we have had to help our community.  Earlier this year we got to participate in a Smile it Forward event that helped 30 homeless teens with over $10,000 in free dental work, and today we get to present the first check from our new Fills Good Program to the Jalen’s Gift Foundation.  We’ve raised $1500 over the past 3 months from doing fillings for Jalen’s Gift and this is just the beginning.  The Fills Good program runs every 3 months and will be starting again in January so stay tuned for more…

On behalf of everyone at Dee for Dentist, we wish all of you a joyous holiday filled with peace, love and prosperity.  Best wishes for an amazing and wonderful New Year!