So we heard a rumor that the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners were randomly inspecting all dental offices to make sure that they are up to code on Infection Control standards set by the CDC.  Alhough we have been prepared and up to code since day 1, waiting for them to show up kept us in a constant state of nervousness, kind of like you get the night before a big test.  So we figured why worry about the unexpected and just invite the Board to do their inspection.

The 113 point audit covers issues like infection control standards, sterilization, record keeping, patient confidentiality and injury policies.  Well friends I am happy to say that the Board just concluded their inspection today and Dee for Dentist passed with flying colors.  Enormous thanks to our friend Ed for educating us on what needed to be done and to all of our hard working staff for constantly exceeding standards.

What a way to start the weekend.