This past weekend Mike & I got to play with excavators over at Dig This Las Vegas and it was AWESOME!!! Each of us got to operate a real live monster of an excavator. My bad boy was named Brutus and in the words of the instructor, I “dug the best holes!”. Probably because I actually listened during the orientation as opposed to the other knuckleheads in our group, Mike included. Robbie, our instructor, was fantastic. He walked us through the controls in a briefing room before getting us geared up and into our machines. It was a super hot day so thank goodness these things had A/C.

During our session, we learned how to operate all the controls, and let me say I have a newfound respect for the people that work these machines. They are not easy. That being said, Mike and I agreed that neither of us have any interest in ever picking up a shovel after this experience. So, once we were all settled in, Robbie would give us instructions through our headsets on digging holes and moving dirt, we got to pick up those ginormous rubber tires in a tire stacking contest, and we even got to play a little “excavator basketball”.

What an amazing experience. Only in Las Vegas! If you are looking for something out of the ordinary, a bucket list kind of thing, Dig This Las Vegas is a must!