So for Valentine’s weekend the folks at Henry Schein sent Mike & I over to Dallas to try out E4D.  Gone are the days of placing the tray in your mouth to take an impression while you gag and drool in the chair.  With computer aided design or CAD/CAM technology, an intraoral camera is used to make a digital 3D impression of the mouth.  That information is then used to create a restoration, like a crown, and sent to a milling unit that carves the crown out of a block of material.

What does this mean for Dee for Dentist?  CAD/CAM technology is extremely precise and gives us more control over the entire process, eliminating many of the variables that typically cause problems.  It also allows us greater flexibility in design, fit, strength and color.

What does this mean for you?  As a patient, you will no longer have to take impressions.  All of this can now be done quickly and pain-free in a digital format.  Should your crown break or fail, no need to take another impression because it’s already saved in the computer.  But the most significant advantage for the patient is that crown appointments can be completed in a single visit.

At Dee for Dentist we are convinced that this technology is the future of dentistry, but like any technology there are many options to consider.  And because the financial investment is so big, think Ferrari big, we must make sure that we do our due diligence to find what will give us the best results for our patients.

Stay tuned for more updates on this.

p.s.  Thank you to the folks over at Henry Schein and E4D for the hospitality.   You guys put on quite an event!