It’s been a little over a month since we completed the beta testing phase of Patterson’s Eaglesoft 18 dental practice management software. We’ve been a part of some bunch of these beta programs now but this was definitely one of the smoothest. There’s a lot of practice management systems out there, but Eaglesoft is always near the top of the list. Having been in the game for the last 22 years, it has evolved into a robust product that can handle both the chaos of the front office, as well as the insanity of the clinical side. Over the years we’ve heard a lot of complaints about Eaglesoft, but like any other piece of equipment, you get out of it what you put into it.  What makes it so great for us is the ability to customize it to do exactly what we need it to do and the seamless integration it has with 3rd party things like intraoral cameras, digital sensors, and CBCT.

Working with a product like this can be daunting for beginners but Patterson is on top of it with their newly revamped online FAQ that features up-to-date content on how to use every facet of the program, as well as with live and online chat support through the Patterson Technology Center. With their ability to either talk you through things, or remoting in directly, they are able to get you going in an instant.

Back to the Eaglesoft 18. At this point, Patterson has gotten the core functions to a point where it really just needs updates to fine tune the program. Some of those refinements in version 18 include:

  • Increasing password strength by moving from a 4 character password to a minimum of 8 characters
  • Allowing the ability to search records by cell phone number & patient ID
  • Masking social security numbers for HIPAA compliance
  • Adding more search criteria to different areas of the program
  • Additional enhancements for Schick 33 digital sensors
  • and much more.

As for our experience, it was actually pretty smooth. Any bumps in the road were quickly addressed and corrected. I just wanted to say a couple thank you to the entire Beta Team at Patterson for their support and for the thoughtful “Thank You” card. Most importantly, thank you to my team for knowingly putting up with working with things that they know will inevitably have some issues.