Over the weekend Mike & I took the little one for ice cream at this new spot nearby called Eis Cream Cafe. This hidden gem in the Target shopping center on Eastern & Silverado Ranch is a “mom & pop” small business and you know how we love to support local small biz. The place is cute and homey. According to Olive, the friendly person who served us, the decor was all done by the owners.

The real star of the show here is the ice cream though. Olive tells us that it comes from a creamery in San Jose where the owners make trips every month to pick up tubs of ice cream and drive it back to Vegas. They have the standard flavors but also a bunch of special flavors that you can’t find anywhere else. I tried the Macapuno, which is young coconut, and Mike had the taro. Ordered ours in cups and got huge scoops.

In addition to the ice cream, they have cookies, donuts, and cronuts from Al’s Donuts. If you haven’t had Al’s Donuts, you’re missing out.

While the weather is hot, stop by and check them out. Also, you can check out their flavors on their website, www.eiscreamcafe.com.

photo credit: from Shirley B on Eis Cream Cafe’s Yelp Page