Hey everyone! This is Mike & I am hijacking Allyson’s blog post today. Whenever we take a computer out of service at Dee for Dentist, we like to donate it to a charity or an organization that can use it. Most recently a patient of ours who is a kindergarten teacher asked us if we had any computers we could donate to her classroom.  As it turns out we did.

At Dee for Dentist we practice EPP – “Extreme Privacy Protection”.  Whenever we donate a computer, the first thing we do is delete all the information and reformat the hard drive.  Because we always take things one step further or too far, depending on who you ask, we actually remove the hard drive and physically destroy it.

For this, I thought it would be fun to watch Allyson try and break one.  As you’ll see from the video, these hard drives can take a beating.  In the end I had to step in with some power tools and get the job done.


Moral of the story- Dee for Dentist keeps your info secure!

Hard Drive Opened


Hard Drive Destroyed