This past weekend we hosted our daughter Ellie’s 4th birthday party at Fidgets Indoor Playground. You know how we love to support local small business so we had to do a blog post about this place. Yohanna and her husband are the owner/operators and it’s obvious in all the little details. From a cleanliness standpoint, Mike was immediately at ease when he saw the toys and playsets being sterilized between parties. This place has everything kids under 6 could want; a ball pit, a giant indoor playset, an interactive A/V mat, train sets, and more. All the toys and equipment are maintained in excellent condition.

The other part we loved about Fidgets is that their basic party package included custom decorations, bottled water, tablecloths, plates, cups, utensils, and even a cupcake stand! When we first booked the date, she showed us an idea book filled with parties they had previously done. We wanted to do a Veggie Tales themed party but they had never done one. “No problem” Yohanna said, she’d take care of it. When we arrived she had made Veggie Tale balloons, napkin rings and even custom water bottle labels! There is a private party room in the back complete with a kitchen sink, refrigerator, and it’s own restroom. If you wanted to eat while watching the kids, you could sit outside in a little cafe connected to the play area. Speaking of play areas, there is even a special area just for the toddlers that had softer toys to play with. Mike & I really can’t say enough about this place. They treated us well and there were no hidden fees or surprises. We’ll definitely be back for more!