Today’s post is brought to you by Mike:

Yesterday we had a crazy day full of emergencies and last minute schedule changes, and in all the chaos we’d forgotten to launder our uniforms. So I came in extra early this morning to get the laundry done and while I sat and worked at the front desk I kept staring at our waiting room. It’s weird but I’d been thinking about this topic for a while and it always bugged me that we called it the “waiting room”. The name inherently implies waiting, and that is one of the things that makes Dee for Dentist so special. We respect our patients’ time and work hard to stay on schedule to make sure they are in and out in the times we tell them.

Deciding to rename the waiting room was easy, but coming up with the right name was another story. I asked the team and I got the usual crazy looks and responses as I rattled off alternatives – foyer, vestibule, lobby, etc. Thanks to Google I think we stumbled on the perfect name.  “The Green Room.”

A  ”green room” is a room in a theater, studio, or other public venue for the accommodation of performers or speakers when not required on the Stage. – Wikipedia

A witty pun and fitting description for the area where guests that arrive early can relax and enjoy a movie while sipping a fresh cup of coffee. Welcome to Dee for Dentist.