It’s finally here! The iChiropro Surgical Implant Motor is our latest investment in digital dentistry. This machine uses an iPad Air to control surgical implant cases from start to finish. Planning the case, recording live data during the procedure, and providing comprehensive post-op reports are just some of the cool things the iChiropro can do because it’s all controlled by an intuitive app on the iPad. Plus, because it’s run through the app, regular updates by Bien Air can be quickly downloaded and installed.

This bad boy comes preloaded with all the recommended implant sequences for all the major implant manufacturers. The hand pieces are light and powerful. Glass fiber optic rods and LED lights provide plenty of  lighting with adjustable brightness and the disposable irrigation lines are simple to use.

Don’t be fooled by all the bells and whistles though, the main reason we chose this motor was because it works. The iChiropro has won numerous “Best in Class” dental awards and was recently named one of the 5 best new products in 2014 by Dental Products Report magazine.

Here’s a video rundown of the features:

Here’s us unboxing the iChiropro like it’s Christmas!