Since we opened Dee for Dentist in late 2011, the plan was to bring on a hygienist when I felt like I wasn’t getting to spend enough quality time with the patients.  Being a new practice we figured that would take at least 2-3 years, we had no idea that it would be this soon which is why we are so excited!  Thank you to all of you who continue to visit us, refer us and support us on Facebook and Yelp. With another hand helping in hygiene, we’ll be able to get you in sooner and have more available appointments for your convenience.

It has been an exhausting search trying to find someone that has the same philosophy and standard of care that our patients have come to expect from us.  We combed through hundreds of resumes and interviewed dozens of superb candidates but we think we found the one.  Kristen comes from a family of health professionals, so caring for people comes natural to her.  She’s cool under pressure, has a conservative treatment philosophy and is a bit OCD when it comes to sterilization.  For those of you who are afraid that she may be rough, rest assured that she is as gentle or more so than me, if that is even possible.

Welcome to the family Kristen!