Kicked the morning off right with a visit from our new friends and winner of the Q2 Fills Good donation, Jake Kielb’s Hockey Foundation. The goal of the foundation is to reduce the barrier of entry for children to get involved in the sport by helping supply starter equipment, buy ice time, and assist with travel expenses. I had no idea the cost involved in not only getting involved in hockey but in staying involved in the sport through the years. In addition to raising money, Jake Kielb’s Hockey Foundation accepts donations of used gear and equipment to outfit incoming players as well. As a relatively new non-profit, they’ve already helped hundreds of local kids. Amazing!

This is a labor of love for Gina Kielb and it shows when you hear her talk about the organization. These are exactly the kinds of organizations that we love to be involved with because we know the donation will immediately impact local lives so thank you Gina for all the hard work and congratulations again.

A congratulations also to all of the other organizations that entered this quarter’s contest. To learn more about these wonderful local organizations, please take a moment and click the links below: