I don’t remember how I came across these but it seems like a cool idea, at least as a travel toothpaste.  Toothy Tabs by Lush, the handmade cosmetics company, are toothpaste that come in tablet form.  According to their website:

Simply pop one in your mouth, crush it up between your teeth and then start brushing. Instantly the mixture in your mouth will start to foam like “normal” toothpaste. Once you’ve finished brushing your pegs, rinse your mouth out and you’re done!

Seems pretty straightforward and the flavors are so intriguing.

Gotta head over to the Lush at Mandalay Place to give these a try.



So we finally got a chance to pass by Lush today and get some samples of the Toothy Tabs.  We asked for samples to taste, but were told that we’d get a good idea from the aroma alone.  The instructions for use were pretty simple, “chew, chew, brush, brush, spit, spit”.  The chew-chew part was initially pretty bitter, you don’t get to really taste the ingredients until you start brushing.  I was surprised at how much foaming came from the tabs.

Dee for Dentist tries the Toothy Tabs by Lush

Dee for Dentist tries the Toothy Tabs by Lush

Overall, it’s a decent product.  The presentation is definitely fun and cool.  The flavors are pretty funky and they taste just like they sound.  I was hoping these would be good for travel but the tabs are pretty brittle so there is constantly powder and dust falling out of the container which is kind of a pain.  It never really gets to the consistency of traditional toothpaste but it’ll get the job done in a pinch.