Today Kristen was showing us photos she took of the wildfire from her neighborhood near Mt. Charleston.  The pictures were unbelievable! According to the latest NBC News report,  the Mt. Charleston wildfire involves almost 31 square miles and has now become the top priority fire in the West Coast.

Though no injuries had  been reported or structures lost, fire crews were battling to keep the fire away from three evacuated communities — Trout Canyon, Lee Canyon and Kyle Canyon — as it burned through juniper and pine forest.

Also deployed in fighting the fire were nine helicopters, 44 engines, 10 water tenders and a massive DC-10 tanker plane that can drop 11,700 gallons of fire retardant per load.

In all, 19 hotshot crews manned fire lines, with 50 firefighters added to the fire lines on Tuesday.

“We’ve got a fire running from 11,000 feet to about 5,000 feet,” Nichols said of the fire’s elevation.

I hope everyone stays safe and out of harms way.  Thank you to all the servicemen trying to put this fire out.