In keeping up with technology we’ve decided to update our old thermostats to the latest release by Nest. We’ve had the original Nest at home for years so when the 3rd Generation Nest Learning Thermostat was recently released and we were all over it.  The best feature of the Nest, other than it’s stunning design, is the auto-schedule feature. Our previous thermostat only allowed us to program for either weekdays and weekends. Since we are closed on Fridays, the old thermostat was literally forcing us to waste energy. With the auto-schedule feature on Nest, there is no programming involved. It simply learns your patterns using motion sensors, takes outside temperatures and humidity into consideration, and works it’s magic. Installation was a breeze and all the necessary tools were provided as well. And of course, the unit can be controlled via an app on iPhone or Android smart phones. If you’re into smart technology for your home or office, this is a definite must have!