So for the last year, actually since we opened in 2011, we’ve been limping along with a makeshift breakroom.  Originally it was no big deal but lately eating off paper plates on a plastic folding table and doing dishes in an 8″ sink has become seriously annoying.   Anyway, since we’ve been so busy the last few months and the staff has had to put up with crazy hours, we thought it was time to put in a more comfortable space for everyone to enjoy.

Because the room was originally built out as a potential operatory, we didn’t want to renovate something we couldn’t turn back to an operatory if necessary.  Mike’s pretty handy so I gave him $700 and a 2-Liter bottle of Mountain Dew to see what he could do.  Although it took a day longer than expected I think the staff will be pleased with the results.  A huge new sink, a reverse osmosis system for drinking water and even a Panini maker!

So if you’re ever in our office and you smell the wonderful aroma of toasted bread, that’s just us enjoying our new breakroom.