The following is a post from Mike:

So my MacBook Pro is nearing the end of it’s life and I’ve been running out of hard drive space for some time now. I’ve even had to delete all my iTunes music to free up space. I have external hard drives but they are so inconvenient and bulky. I was thinking about just upgrading my hard drive but then I’d have to reformat and yadda, yadda, yadda. Basically I really didn’t want to sink a ton of money into an old laptop. Then I remembered this little thing called the Nifty Mini Drive that I saw on Kickstarter a while back. I checked their website and found out that they had already funded their Kickstarter project and were actually selling the item.

Nifty Mini Drive and MicroSD

I picked one up right away and got it today.  It’s great. Basically the Nifty Mini Drive is a microSD adapter that sits flush against the side of my MacBook giving me an instant secondary drive. The benefit is that I can choose the storage size depending on the microSD card I buy and it’s a solid state drive so it’s fast! I plugged it in and without doing anything technical I now have 128GB of additional storage space.

Nifty Mini Drive in MacBook Pro

If I ever need to remove the drive, it comes with a key which is basically a hook that fits in the slot to pull the card out. Super simple and a great solution if you’re running low on storage space.

Here’s the Nifty Mini Drive website in case you’re interested.