Hey everyone.  So the reason my blog post was delayed was because yesterday we got to test out the coolest piece of equipment.  The Omnicam is a camera that takes pictures of the teeth and makes a 3D model so we no longer have to do those yucky impressions.  Once the Omnicam makes the model, it designs the crown or filling that is needed and sends it to a machine that makes it on the spot in 6 minutes – no more second appointment!

Everyone was involved, Mike was our patient while Kathleen, Tanya, and I helped take pictures of the teeth.  Doc used the software to shape the new filling to her liking then simply pressed a button and the machine starting cutting out the design from a block of material.  After 6 minutes it was done and ready to be cemented!

I can’t wait til we get one of these in office!

Allyson tries the Omnicam at Dee for Dentist

Allyson tries the Omnicam

Dr. Dee tries Cerec at Dee for Dentist

Dr. Dee Dee designs the restoration


3M Lava Ultimate Block