Wow! I can’t believe this is my first post for 2017 and it’s already April! Well at least it’s a good one. Congratulations to our Q1 Fills Good winner: PAWcasso Las Vegas! They stopped by earlier this week with some furry friends to pick up a donation check for $1500.00! This was a tight contest with 14 non-profits competing. In the end, PAWcasso Las Vegas won out with 734 votes! PAWcasso Las Vegas was new to us as well so here’s a little about them from their website:

Las Vegas is full of diverse animal rescues and sanctuaries who make it their mission to rescue, foster, and find homes for animals in need.  They rely heavily on donations and fundraising to meet their financial needs while juggling the many duties involved with animal welfare.  Few of them have the money, time, and volunteer base that it takes to fundraise.  This is where PAWcasso is happy to help.

So although PAWcasso was the winner of this Fills Good contest, portions of this donation will still filter through to some of the other organizations that participated in the contest. How cool is that!?

Congratulations again to PAWcasso and thank you to all the wonderful organizations that participated and for all the good work that they do to make our community a better place. If you have a moment, please click through the links below to learn more about these groups.