Yesterday we watched a promo video for a new “Luxury Titanium Toothbrush” made by a German company called Reinast that is supposed to last forever. The toothbrush costs an unbelievable US$4320! Yes, you read that right. For that price I expected some amazing new technology that would somehow floss my teeth for me and guarantee no cavities. By the time I read all the specs I was very disappointed. Here’s what they have to offer: a titanium handle and base with replacement bristles mailed to you every 6 months.  The video we saw says there is an 11-year service plan that you can get for $1600. The toothbrush comes in 4 colors and for an extra $500 you can even get your name engraved in it. Thanks Reinast but I’ll stick with my Sonicare. In fact, for the total cost of the Reinast Luxury Titanium Toothbrush, I can go to Target and buy the most expensive Sonicare every 3 years until I am 100 years old!

Click here for a hilarious video review of the Reinast Luxury Titanium Toothbrush by Yahoo’s Broken News Daily