The following post is written by Mike:

Like any business, our phones get lots of calls from sales people trying to sell us online services that can help bring in new business. Most times Suzanne cuts them off at the front office but today everyone was busy so I answered the phone and was told about this wonderful new service that could use Facebook to help us bring new patients. The caller asked if I had time to speak with one of their sales reps and I said sure.

The pitch included a lot of silly rhetorical questions like “would you like more new patients?” and “would you like more FB page likes?”. The sales person was friendly and was thorough in their explanation of their service. As expected, the way that they use Facebook to bring in new patients is by buying ads and paying to boost posts. As we neared the end of the presentation, I was asked if I was interested in signing up. I replied “Thank you but we are not interested in the service.” When the salesman asked why, I laid out our marketing philosophy at Dee for Dentist.

Dee for Dentist has never, and will never purposely engage in any marketing effort that could be interpreted as misleading or tricking someone into becoming a patient.

If you aren’t familiar with ads and boosted posts on websites like Facebook or Yelp, businesses pay to have their ads or posts show up in your feeds. Sometimes this happens with your knowledge and sometimes it doesn’t. If you’ve ever seen a post on your FB feed like the one below that says something like, “John likes Business ABC”, that is a paid ad where Business ABC paid Facebook to use John’s “like” to advertise to all of John’s friends, possibly without even John knowing.

Facebook Sponsored

Facebook Sponsored

On Yelp, we are constantly getting solicited to convert to a paid account. A paid account with Yelp essentially buys us 3 things: 1) Yelp would get rid of ads for other dentists on our business page, 2) Yelp would then turn around and place an ad for Dee for Dentist on other dentists’ pages that don’t pay Yelp, and 3) Yelp would make us appear higher in the search rankings. Not cool.

Yelp Ads

Yelp Ads


Back to the sales call. One of the other services the salesman was trying to tell me about was they could automate all of our posts. According to the salesman we could choose posts from their library of content and set it to handle posts automatically.

I’d like to take this opportunity to let all of our followers know that when you are liking and following something at Dee for Dentist, you are actually liking something Doc, Ally, Suzanne, Kristen, Jo, Rowena or I are interested in or passionate about.

Finally, I’d like to close by saying that we’re not against paid advertising, we just feel that it is better suited for other industries like retail or restaurants . When it comes to something as important as your healthcare, you should be confident that the referral you are receiving from friends and family genuinely comes from them and not some 3rd party paying to make you think it is.

If you have a spare 10 minutes, check out this fantastic and funny video about Facebook ads: