After almost 5 years and going through multiple sign companies, our Dee for Dentist pylon sign is finally up and it’s beautiful. Big thanks to Signguy Las Vegas for finally delivering what we’ve been envisioning! It all started out with our previous property manager trying to gouge us, asking for $2000 per month to have our name on the complex pylons. Obviously we said no which is what kept us off the pylon for the last 4 years. When the property management company changed over to CBRE earlier this year it was like a breath of fresh air. We got a very favorable deal to post our sign so we started canvassing sign companies to do the work. The first 2 companies were a nightmare. After dragging their feet for over a month, the first sign was nearly invisible from the street, and the second attempt was the wrong size by a lot. Parted ways with the first company and started working with a second one. They couldn’t even return simple emails so we quickly moved on from them as well.

Finally, we called Signguy Las Vegas. I explained our issues to them and asked if they could help us. Sarah was extremely nice on the phone and apologized for all that we’d been through. She said they would take care of us and not to worry. We wanted someone to physically come into our office with color samples to make sure we were getting the right colors. Signguy Las Vegas was in our office the next day. They had recommendations for design to help the sign pop and even brought in an actual printed sample for us to see. I got the quote the following day as they had promised. I promptly paid the invoice (which was extremely reasonable) and asked what the turnaround would be. This was on Wednesday so she said they have availability on Friday. On Thursday, Signguy Las Vegas calls and says they finished a job early and could get our sign installed immediately. Just like that it was done and it’s spectacular! Thank you to Sarah and the entire team at Signguy Las Vegas, you guys really exceeded our expectations!

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