Ambient noise in the office has always bugged us and we keep trying to figure out ways to fix it. A few months ago, Mike stumbled on something called “sound masking” which is essentially a sound system that puts out a white noise that drowns out voices. We called a lot of places for quotes but none of the people we spoke to had the system running so we could see it in action. Obviously we weren’t going to spend thousands of dollars on something we didn’t get to see in action so we put that project on hold.

Recently, one of the installers said that they recently installed a system at Bally Technologies and had arranged a visit for Mike to check it out. According to Mike, Bally had a large open area full of cubicles where they installed the sound masking system on only half of the space to see how well it worked. Sure enough in the half where it was installed you couldn’t hear any conversations unless you were within a few feet of where the people were talking.

Mike said the masking noise sounded like a loud HVAC blowing. If you’re listening for it, you’ll definitely hear it but you forget about it just as fast. It’s still an expensive system so I think we’ll have to keep it on the wish list.

Outside of the system, Mike said Bally Gaming itself was awesome. Apparently there is a room that is filled with slot machines and table games that you can actually play on, not for real money of course, but visitors can just sit down and play. Mike asked if he could take more pictures but they shot that down pretty quick.