July was the busiest month Dee for Dentist has ever had. Everyone has been working so hard and we could tell that the girls were pretty beat. So earlier this week I dropped the bad news to the girls that they needed to come in on Friday (their day off) for some training. They strolled in one by one this morning looking tired and that’s when we brought out the Mimosas! As we were pouring Suzanne said, “Hey, there’s a limo in the parking lot!” That was part 2 of the surprise. We headed toward the strip and we gave each person an envelope with some spending money. As we pulled up to the Fashion Show Mall, we gave them their final instructions on the surprise Shopping Spree. 1) Part of the money had to be spent on something for themselves 2) The remaining part had to be spent on another team member. When we met for lunch at Maggianos we had to show what we bought for ourselves and then give the gift to our secret person. What a great day. Who though shopping could be so stressful. What was most impressive was how everyone was able to stretch their budget to get some really great things.

As always, I cannot say enough about my team and how hard they work. Thanks everyone for all that you do!!! Love you!!!