In regards to the recent Target Security Breach, we all know this causes stress and discomfort throughout the entire business and credit card processing industry. At Dee for Dentist we are doing everything in our power to make sure all of your payment processing and credit card data is secured. Our office is PCI compliant and update our compliance annually. PCI stands for Payment Card Industry which has standards of how data is obtained and stored. All of our systems are up do date in order to provide the best defense against hackers.

Fully blocking hackers is virtually impossible exemplified by the recent Target Security Breach and continued reports of hacking into even government websites. Most hacks into a system can be traced so that appropriate steps can be taken to protect your customers. Target notified over 40 million customers and most are getting new cards and will not be financially liable. However, it is always recommended for anyone with a credit card to routinely check their statements for credit and debit cards as this information gets put out there in many different locations on many daily occasions. Please know that Dee for Dentist takes this issue seriously and will continually try to update software and equipment to stay one step ahead. I know there will continue to be discomfort as we hear of these hacks, however know that as a business that accepts credit/debit cards we are up to the highest standards and codes to keep your information as secure as possible.


Click HERE for Target CEO’s response to the security breach