Four years ago, sisters Savannah and Siena decided to start their own non-profit that would satisfy the needs of homeless teens in Southern Nevada. In the time since the formation of Teens Helping Teens, Savannah has since gone off to college but still handles parts of the business that can be done remotely leaving Siena a lot of the face to face responsibilities here in Vegas. Yesterday we got to meet Siena and her parents when they came to pick up the $1500 Fills Good donation, which has been our most successful campaign to date.

“Why teens?” was Mike’s first question for Siena. Growing up, the family often participated in events for homeless youth and what the sisters found was that often times while toys were being handed out to the little ones, there would always be a teenager(s) in the background that felt too old to participate but you could feel the longing they had to be included. This was the spark that lit the fire. Today, Teens Helping Teens provides numerous services with all proceeds going directly to the over 10,000 homeless teens in Southern Nevada. From blankets and shoes, to laptops and iPhones, this organization matches needs with donors and helps build up a sense of pride to those who literally don’t have any place to go.

The passion with which Siena speaks is infectious and the pride is immediately evident in her parents eyes as Siena talks about all they have accomplished in such a short time. When asked how she can still be so fired up, this high school sophomore tells the story of a recent teen they helped who though homeless still managed to graduate high school and get a scholarship to go to college. When you hear of someone that overcomes adversity like that, there are no valid excuses.

The donation they have won will allow them to purchase a box trailer that they can fill with all of the donations they receive and bring those necessities directly to those who need it. Organizations like Teens Helping Teens are exactly why we created the Fills Good program and it is inspiring to see the youth of this city stepping up and changing their world for the better.

Congratulations again to Teens Helping Teens, but also a very special thank you to all the other organizations that participated. The Fills Good program works best when many organizations fight for votes because it increases the awareness of all the organizations that work so hard to make Southern Nevada better. So please, take a moment and click the links below to find out more about these other great organizations that are always looking for support.

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