Between the holiday season and the new baby coming soon we didn’t have time to put together a proper Thanksgiving celebration like we did last year. Instead, I decided to just shut the office down for a couple hours and have a potluck. What was supposed to be an easy day turned into one of the best and busiest days we’ve had here. The day started out rough. Mike was pissing me off because he just wouldn’t get out of bed causing us to be late getting to the office. I couldn’t stay mad at Mike though because apparently he was part of the plan to stall so the girls had time to set up a surprise baby shower, and boy was I surprised. There were handmade decorations and tons of sweet treats! I really do work with the best people in the world.

The plan for the potluck was to close the office from 12-2. Right at noon, Mike turned the “Green Room” into an informal dining room complete with a buffet and dining table. As it turns out, everyone in the office can cook! We had ham, turkey, mac and cheese, bacon and cheese mashed potatoes, salad, cupcakes, cookies, cake, and an assortment of appetizers that were all amazing. What a great time, we ate a lot and laughed even more. Really nothing makes Mike and I happier than seeing all of the team enjoying themselves and each others company. After stuffing our faces it was time to open presents. All the gifts were so cute and I guess it hit me that this new baby really is coming soon.

By 2, the office was back to normal and while we were all waiting for the food coma to set in we got hit with a rush of emergency appointments. This was the first time we’ve ever had all seven of our operatories occupied at the same time so it was a madhouse, but everyone stepped up and team communication was on point. By the end of the day we had broken the record for the most number of patients we have ever seen in one day.

So being that it is Thanksgiving, I just wanted to say Thank You to my amazing team for all the hard work they put in everyday, for the baby shower and the gifts, and Thank You for making Dee for Dentist my home away from home. From Mike and I, we wish everyone a blessed and Happy Thanksgiving.