Yesterday we had a new first at Dee for Dentist! We actually got a 5-star Yelp Review from a patient that hadn’t even been here yet. Before you jump to conclusions, here’s the review:

I already love this place and I haven’t even been here yet. I believe her name is Allison but she was extremely helpful on the phone today. I haven’t been to the dentist in a few years and I have insurance through a step parent so I was a little confused on the process. I only had my medical insurance provider and was confused as to why she wasn’t funding my dental insurance. After a few phone calls on each of our ends she finally found that I had dental through another provider. I don’t know what lengths she went through to find this out or how she magically did it but I was so appreciative I even told her I loved her. She didn’t even HAVE to do this and could have just had me figure it out on my own but she found this all out for me and I’m so happy to have made an appointment there. I’m excited for my appointment now because of making an appointment alone was this great, I’m assuming it only gets better from here.

WHAT??? How cool is that?!? We had just finished celebrating Ally’s birthday and rather than coast through the rest of the day, she kicked it into high gear and went above and beyond for the prospective patient. Unparalleled care and customer service is what we are all about at Dee for Dentist. If we were a hotel our goal would be a AAA 5-Diamond rating and if we were a restaurant, Michelin Stars are what we’d strive for. Most of what we do day to day goes unnoticed so it’s an awesome feeling when we hear that all the hard work is appreciated. Great job Ally!!! Also, big thanks to Paisley for the review!