Dr. Dee Dee

Tooth Wrangler aka Dentist

Growing up, Dr. Dee Dee knew exactly what she wanted to be.  Unfortunately, Prince William was already taken. Plan B – dental school. Graduating from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, she’s fulfilling her new dream, but if you change your mind Willie, you know who to call.





So how do you put a geeky germophobe to good use? Make him office manager. His extensive knowledge of film and pop culture guarantees that awesome movies and great conversation can always be found at Dee for Dentist.




Senior Floss Boss aka Dental Hygienist

The minute you meet Kristen you’ll immediately know you’re in good hands, which is fortunate because those hands will be in your mouth for the next 45 minutes. Soft spoken but thorough, you’ll make it a point to schedule your next appointment.




Assistant Tooth Wrangler

If extreme couponing were an Olympic sport, you’d see Jo at the top of the podium with the Gold Medal that she’s already considering melting down and selling. A veteran in digital dentistry, Jo loves to stay on the cutting edge of technology.




Floss Boss aka Dental Hygienist

Rowena is our office ninja so keep an ear out. She’s so quiet she’ll just sneak up on you. But don’t let that polite exterior fool you. She’ll be sure to let you know when you haven’t been flossing enough.


Tiff Photostrip


Assistant Tooth Wrangler

Who better to take charge of Invisalign than our resident Instagram influencer. Tiff makes sure every smile is on point and ready for their close-up.


Michelle Photostrip


Assistant Tooth Wrangler

Every office needs a hype-man, or woman in this case. Michelle keeps everyone upbeat with her endless positivity and love of booty jams. Yeaaaahhh!!! Okaaayyyy!!!


Jena Photostrip


The Pit Boss

If Mother Teresa worked at a venture capital firm, she’d be blonde and named Jena. Going the extra mile to help people prioritize their oral health is what she’s all about.