Solea Laser Dentistry

Two dentists performing a laser procedure.

Lasers have taken dentistry by storm, offering a slew of benefits for our patients. At Dee for Dentist, we strive to supply each person with gentle, comfortable, and safe care. With laser technology, this has never been easier.

Laser Dentistry Explained

Lasers revolve around highly focused light beams, which are a non-invasive alternative to scalpels and drills. In fact, lasers are becoming commonplace in dental facilities, prompting us to adopt them into our practice as well.

Lasers can target either hard or soft tissue, so there’s never a concern for affecting surrounding tissues. This limits surgical complications while lowering recovery time. So, if your dentist is removing decay from your tooth, the nearby gums are in no danger.

What Can Lasers Correct?

Many folks don’t realize just how many conditions are treatable by dental laser technology. Here are treatments we offer with lasers:

Perks of Laser Dentistry

The main cause of dentophobia, or fear of the dentist, is the anticipation of pain. This assumption is often the reason for people allowing their oral health to deteriorate. Luckily, the laser often replaces the tools that cause such anxieties and stress. In turn, laser use supplies an easier and more comfortable experience.

Here’s how lasers are beneficial:

  • No noise or vibrations
  • Lower risk of bacteria and virus transmission
  • Advanced gum treatments
  • Quicker treatments and recoveries
  • Teeth whitening
  • COVID-19 aerosol reduction

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We encourage you to visit us for your next appointment, especially if it’s been a long time since the last. The only truly good way to prevent oral decay is by seeing your dentist twice a year. Contact us today to experience dentistry like you never have before.

A close up picture of what a Solea machine looks like.

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