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Did you know that wisdom teeth removal in Las Vegas is a common procedure? Over five million Americans undergo the process each year. While maintaining regular checkups with your dentist can help you monitor the progression of your third molars, you should also learn to identify the signs that signify the need to have them removed.

What Are Wisdom Teeth?

Wisdom teeth are the last set of molars that emerge when your other permanent teeth have already established their positions in your mouth. Since there’s usually little or no room left for your wisdom teeth, the chances of fully erupting into their normal positions are very slim. This explains why most wisdom teeth become impacted in the bone or gum tissue.

Unfortunately, an impacted wisdom tooth usually traps bacteria that can cause infection. Evidence shows that aside from causing damage to the adjacent molars, impacted wisdom teeth can also lead to bone loss.

Your dentist may recommend extraction when your wisdom tooth emerges partially through your gums, making it difficult to clean properly. The procedure may also be required if your wisdom tooth remains completely hidden within your gums or if they crowd nearby teeth.

What Are the Signs That You May Require Wisdom Teeth Extraction?

Sensitivity and Pain in the Back of Your Mouth

If you begin to experience sensitivity, pain, or a slight throbbing sensation around the area while you’re eating, brushing, or doing nothing at all, you’ll have to visit your dentist. If it isn’t addressed, the problem can quickly progress to something that may need a more extensive treatment plan.

Pain associated with an impacted wisdom tooth can potentially progress to severe pain until it causes a serious infection.

Inflammation Around Your Gums

As your wisdom tooth begins to erupt, it can form a flap of gum tissue behind your molars that can easily trap food debris and bacteria. This can irritate the gum tissue that surrounds your wisdom tooth and cause it to become slightly swollen, red, and sore to the touch. When this happens, proper brushing often becomes a challenge.

Pericoronitis, or the condition that takes place around a wisdom tooth that still hasn’t emerged from your gums, is the most common reason why people seek care for their wisdom teeth. With early evaluation, exams, and radiographs, you can easily avoid this issue.

Cysts Develop In Your Mouth

Ignoring the symptoms of an impacted wisdom tooth will ultimately lead to the development of cysts. These tiny fluid-filled sacs that surround the crown of your tooth can potentially destroy the roots, bone, and surrounding teeth.

Bad Taste in the Mouth or Bad Breath

Since misaligned or impacted wisdom teeth are surrounded by delicate gums that are difficult to clean, food particles that get trapped in them can eventually lead to infection. As sulfur compounds are released by the wound-infecting bacteria, they create an unpleasant taste in your mouth and extremely bad breath.

Sinus Issues

Sinus problems can also be linked to dental problems that include an impacted wisdom tooth. As your third molars grow in your upper jaw, they develop roots that can potentially cause deformation of your bony sinus floor. The deformation triggers headaches, sinus pressure, congestion, and pain.

Stiffness and Pain in Your Jaw

When wisdom teeth don’t grow as they should, they emerge into the wrong positions and interfere with how your upper jaw and lower jaw fit together. A bad bite can cause muscle stiffness and pain around the jaw area.

Furthermore, you may also experience difficulty opening and moving your mouth and jaw. If an improperly aligned bite is left untreated, it usually leads to serious issues with your temporomandibular joints (TMJ).

Your Teeth Shift

If your jawbone isn’t large enough to make room for the third set of molar teeth, they tend to grow sideways and bump against your existing teeth. Unfortunately, impacted wisdom teeth will eventually cause their neighboring teeth to shift and suffer damage.

Tooth Decay and Cavity Formation

Since an impacted or misaligned wisdom tooth is difficult to clean, tooth decay-causing bacteria can easily hide in the gum pockets that surround the area. As bacteria grow, they weaken the tooth enamel and cause cavities to develop. Ignoring a large cavity can potentially lead to infection down the road.

Do You Need Wisdom Teeth Removal in Las Vegas?

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