Did you know not all dentists are capable or efficient in treating children? The level of care required to treat youth is far different than that of adults. In nearly every way, pediatric dentistry is a different animal than adult care.

A big part of how dentists achieve optimal care for children is with the Healthy Start™ program. This is a myofunctional therapy that aims to restore normal tongue posture, lips, and jaw. While doing this, Healthy Start™ can also eliminate bad habits while reinforcing the good.

The goal of pediatrics is to ensure that the development happens at an expected rate. Our dentists and team of hygienists do everything they can to prevent future problems from having a chance to develop.

What Does Healthy Start™ Do?

Treatments can include safe and gentle tooth straightening, create space for new coming teeth, and even widen your child's airways, preventing sleep disorders. This program achieves results through the usage of various removable appliances.

We ensure that each child-friendly appliance fits comfortably in your child's mouth by personalizing them to fit unique needs. Every child can expect a three-step process that, over time, ensures they're in peak health. Healthy Start™ is a program that expands and adapts as your child grows up. Contact us today to get your child started.

Coaching and Learning Opportunities

Our team works tirelessly during even the most basic and straightforward cleanings to improve your child's dental wellness. We will continuously explain and show why brushing and flossing are so important as we perform teeth cleanings. Doing so will help reinforce the establishing of good habits.

Can Pediatric Dentistry Prevent Bed-Wetting?

Yes. Bed-wetting is a sleep disorder that centers on breathing, which is fixable. Disordered breathing causes imbalances in oxygen and carbon dioxide within the bloodstream, prevents your child from reaching a state of deep sleep.

A lack of deep sleep turns off certain bodily functions while leaving others in full function, like urination. Consequently, sleep-disordered breathing often leads to conditions such as bed-wetting. Once normal breathing resumes, most cases clear up right away.

When to Start Your Child on Pediatric Services

Children should begin seeing a dentist shortly after their first tooth erupts. Typically, this occurs somewhere between the first and second birthday. For the best results, start your kid on Healthy Start™ early in childhood. Early starts help ensure the success of preventive efforts and developmental growth.

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