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Dr. Dee Dee

Tooth Wrangler aka Dentist

Growing up, Dr. Dee Dee knew exactly what she wanted to be. Unfortunately, Prince William was already taken. Plan B – dental school. Graduating from the UNLV School of Dental Medicine, she’s fulfilling her new dream, but if you change your mind Willie, you know who to call.

Dr. Montero

Tooth Wrangler aka Dentist

Broadway’s loss is our gain! This showtune humming superstar decided that her love for dentistry was greater than her love of the theater. The first graduate of UNR/UNLVs accelerated Bachelors/Doctorate program, Dr. Montero couldn’t wait to share her talents with the world.

Dr. Dhesi

Tooth Wrangler aka Dentist

This Harry Potter fan is a wizard with teeth. Instead of a magic wand, she casts her spells with a laser and drill.



So how do you put a geeky germophobe to good use? Make him office manager. His extensive knowledge of film and pop culture guarantees that awesome movies and great conversation can always be found at Dee for Dentist.


The Pit Boss

If Mother Teresa worked at a venture capital firm, she’d be blonde and named Jena. Going the extra mile to help people prioritize their oral health is what she’s all about.

Stephanie M

Organization Consultant

How many offices can say they have their very own Marie Kondo. Stephanie has an obsessive need to keep us organized and on schedule. Her attention to detail and patience on the phone with insurance companies is Zen-like.

Ashley P

Aloha Ambassador

Ashley shares her Aloha Spirit with every single patient and team member that walks through our doors.


Sir Smiles-a-Lot

Leo brings a whole new meaning to “service with a smile”. If you ever catch him without a smile, let us know – cuz we’ve never seen it!


Mr. Fix It

As soon as something breaks you can bet Steve is on his way. His “can do” attitude always keeps our clinical team on their toes.


The Hygiene Black Belt

An avid mixed martial arts fan, this hygienist knocks out perio-disease and gets plaque to tap out.

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