3D Printing

Dee for Dentist is the first dental practice in the Western U.S. to utilize the first-ever medical grade 3D printer for dentistry – the Primeprint 3D Printing System by Dentsply Sirona. The highly automated advanced technology provides expanded treatment with same-day, in-house production as the printer can create temporary teeth, dentures, night guards, digital wax-ups, custom trays for impressions, surgical guides, and print dental models.

Prior to the release of the Primeprint system, chairside 3D printing was messy, inefficient, and unpredictable. Traditionally, a dental practice takes a patient scan, sends it to an outside lab to convert into a file that they can then print, or the lab manufactures the product and ships it back. With this new technology, the entire process is automated in-house, significantly reducing human error by eliminating the need for employees to wear gloves, rinse equipment and manually process the materials. The all-digital system also improves accuracy, treatment outcomes, and workflow efficiencies while eliminating wasted materials.

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